About the Institute

Civic Engagement + Civil Discourse = Strategic Solutions

The Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions at St. Petersburg College provides a forum to help people deal with the uncertainty around them. Housed on the Seminole Campus, the Institute seeks to be a major participant in public policy debate.

The Institute addresses real-world problems and the needs of the community served by St. Petersburg College in a strategic and technologically savvy way. The Institute also prepares its students for careers in a global marketplace and builds on SPC’s reputation as a source of innovation, academic excellence and community involvement.

Mission statement

The Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions at St. Petersburg College is dedicated to advancing academic excellence, community engagement, economic vitality and public understanding through high-quality, solutions-directed, non-partisan public policy programs. Its purpose is to enrich the education experience, engage with local government to promote unity and efficiency, facilitate economic activity, and involve citizens in their college and government.

ISPS seeks to educate the community in the following ways:

  • Promote student engagement
  • Enhance civic and community involvement
  • Serve as a center for public discourse
  • Identify economic initiatives

Civic engagement

The Institute works with local governments to improve communication and collaboration. The goal is to advance the level of professionalism among local elected officials. The Institute also promotes efficiencies and professionalism among various units of government and seeks to improve the quality of overall government leadership. By raising awareness, the Institute hopes to increase citizens’ participation in government– from informed voting to attending government meetings to running for office.

Public discourse

The Institute is a leading center for discussion of key policy issues on topical issues that are difficult to resolve. For example, the Institute has hosted recent forums on federal health care and the impact of the Gulf oil spill on Tampa Bay.

Economic vitality

The Institute seeks to identify key economic activities in Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area that best fit with the college’s programs. It focuses on becoming a center of excellence for that economic development. Target areas includeworkforce training, enabling business development andsustainable practices including renewable energy and green building standards.

State and national connection

Designated as a center serving the entire Florida College System, the Institute addresses issues with state and national impact.