Student Testimonials

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SPC students

Michele Miller :

Michele Miller

"I care very much about being involved in my community and the opportunity to speak and hear experts speak was very beneficial to my student experience."

Michelle Miller
Major in Public Policy & Administration

Joyce Aldridge :

Joyce Aldridge

"I have attended numerous Village Square Events and most have been informed and very nice events. This event (medical marijuana) was by far the most audience engaged event I've attended!"

Joyce Aldridge
Major in Public Policy & Administration

Caitlin Wickline :

Caitlin Wickline

"...Being able to participate in the issues presented, allowed me to voice my concerns and views, while also understanding others' views similar and different to my own."

Caitlin Wickline
Major in Nursing

Yim Chan :

Yim Chan

"I felt really inspired...It meant so much to actually meet with real leaders."

Yim Chan,
Major in Public Policy & Administration