Public Service Award

The Distinguished Public Service Award

Among the multitude of elected officials, civic leaders and engaged citizens, few individuals stand out as exemplars of the true meaning and purpose of public service. These are people who recognize that public service is a special calling and enter into it for the moral and humanitarian benefits derived from serving their country, state and community. Recipients of this award may be local, Florida or national leaders identified as role models for students and other public servants. The Distinguished Public Service Award honors those individuals at pivotal moments in their lives.

Criteria for Nominees for the Distinguished Public Service Award

  • A distinguished career of public service in elective or appointive office-local, state or national
  • OR a distinguished career serving the public interest in the private sector, either in the candidate’s profession or in a volunteer capacity
  • An unblemished record of integrity and selflessness in Public Service
  • A demonstrated spirit of bipartisanship in seeking solutions to public policy challenges
  • Overall, a career that best exemplifies public service and dedicated effort in keeping with the greatness of the United States of America

The Inaugural Distinguished Public Service Award Dinner & the First Award Recipient:

Sen. Dennis L. Jones
Held on Feb. 21, 2014
Seminole Campus Conference Center
St. Petersburg College